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In-Ceiling Speakers for Alexander McQueen store in Omotesando, Tokyo

Alexander McQueen has opened a new store in the famous super brand street of Omotesando, Tokyo. Located right next to the Emporio Armani store and across from the Valentino store where SSJ supplied the Amina invisible speakers, AM requested a high end full range background speaker. And specifically the Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 speakers which […]

Amina invisible speakers and Marriott Mesm Tokyo hotel

The outstanding MESM boutique hotel, part of the Marriott Bonvoy group has recently been opened in Takeshiba, Tokyo. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tyoam-mesm-tokyo-autograph-collection/ And in line with high-end hospitality branding and standards, invisible and discrete speakers were installed to enhance the interior design and atmosphere, while providing high quality BGM sound. Sound Solutions Japan were proud to supply the […]

Amina EDGE speakers and Berluti store

Amina EDGE5i speakers have been installed into the prestigious Berluti brand store. Berluti Fukuoka Hakata Daimaru decided they needed invisible speakers to keep with he design, image and aesthetics of their stores. With zero visual impact and superior BGM sound quality, the award winning EDGE5i speakers were the natural choice, without the need for subwoofers. […]


音響システムインテグレータとの共同によりBVLGARI 銀座オフィスのリノベーションができました。 この度の、国際的な一流ブランドのリノベーションには、上位機種が必要不可欠となり Feonic隠蔽スピーカーの備えつけが全フロアにおこなわれました。 最後に、マネージメントの条件に満たされた堂々たる音響システムの提供ができたとおもいます。  


Sound Solutions Japan collaborating with local integrators have completed the BVLGARI Ginza office sound renovations. As one of the most prestigious global brands, it was essential to have high-end quality audio with no visual impact. Feonic `invisible` speakers were therefore installed on all floors. The system sounded impressive and the management were very satisfied.  

Amina speakers in High End Brand tower renovation !

A 6 floor renovation is in progress for a high-end brand in their Ginza tower. Amina `invisible` speakers and subwoofers were selected for their quality and design, allowing the architects to realize their design without the visual impact of regular ceiling speakers. Compared with other invisible speakers, their superb quality and even sound spread throughout […]

New Amina installation in Falafel Brothers restaurant !

New Amina installation in Falafel Brothers restaurant !

When Falafel Brothers` owners were opening their second vegan restaurant, they wanted the best location, interior, equipment and technologies available. Once, they had heard of Amina`s invisible speakers, it was an easy decision to make when considering background music. Installing the new EDGE 5 series into the walls, with increased low frequencies, even without a […]

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year ! Thank you for your business and support last year. Wishing all our clients a prosperous 2018 ! We hope to have the chance to enhance your projects with our latest technologies. Please browse our website for more information and the latest news: http://www.soundsolu.com/news/

New Amina `Edge` series

From this year, Amina has introduced the new Edge series which has a new revolutionary design for invisible speaker technology, offering smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity. Perfect for high-power residential audio sound solutions and multi-channel surround sound set ups. Sounds incredible !  

Valentino Ginza store

A new Valentino 5 floor store will be opening in the sophisticated Ginza district very soon. Amina `invisible` speakers and sub woofers are once again being used to complement this most prestigious brand`s design. As with the Omotesando store, the store design and atmosphere will reflect the true quality of the brand and its products. […]

Amina speakers have just been installed into the prestigious new Dolce&Gabbana store in Ginza.

Amina continues to be installed in high-end retail stores who require excellent sound quality without the visual impact !

Amina in Valentino Omotesando

Amina in Valentino Omotesando

The new Valentino store in Omotesando opened on July 2nd. The store is perfectly located in this fashionable area, next to Omotesando Hills. 14 x  Amina LFi4eT invisible speakers and 11 x ALF40 bass enhancers were installed. This allowed superior quality background music for the two floor store without any visual impact or design compromise. […]

Amina and Feonic exhibition in Matsuyama

Sound Solutions Japan is putting on a demonstration of its U.K. products in Matsuyama on April 21st from 1pm. Architects, designers, property developers and integrators from Western Japan have been invited to experience our unique sound solutions for commercial and residential applications. Please feel free to visit us at : BRIXX GYM Minatomachi 4-3-8 Matsuyama-shi […]

Invisible speakers in Matsuyama

Sound Solutions Japan demoed the Amina point of sale stands and Feonic discrete speakers in Matsuyama last month and received a lot of positive feedback and potential projects in Western Japan. It was invaluable as architects and designers weren`t even aware that there were invisible speakers before the demonstration day and can now consider them […]