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Invisible Loudspeaker Solutions

The latest innovation in invisible speaker technology

A new revolutionary design for invisible loudspeaker technology, the Amina Edge offers smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience that has never before been heard from an invisible loudspeaker.

Building on the incredible performance of the Mobius Series, Amina Edge loudspeakers incorporate OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology, built into a plaster up-to design. Designed for use where there is no wet plaster skim (drywall), Edge loudspeakers have been designed much like a piece of tapered-edge plasterboard. Once filled, taped, feathered in and painted, the loudspeaker becomes fully invisible. Amina Edge speakers can also be installed as post-plaster product (retrofit) where there is a full wet skim (Edge speakers should not be fully plastered over).

Amina has a range of products suitable for many applications and budgets. The iQ series is ideal for more price sensitive volume applications, including multi-dwelling development and commercial projects in the hotel and leisure sector. The iQMT commercial series invisible loudspeaker provides a low cost, high-fidelity solution for where high impedance 100V/70V line systems are being used. This allows Invisible Loudspeakers to be incorporated into commercial projects of all types. Rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster, the iQ3MT uses a high quality multitapped toroidally wound transformer, and the same OptiDrive technology found in the iQ, Edge and Mobius series of speakers, giving a great sounding and flexible commercial loudspeaker solution,With a choice of power-tapping’s available ,ranging from 5W to 20W, the LFi4eMT allows for on-site power selection. A fixed-value 40W transformer is also available on request.


Bass Support Products

For high performance locations, Amina produce a range of ‘almost’ invisible and super discrete sub bass products to compliment its range of plastered over invisible speakers.

These products, based around a conventional low frequency driver in a cabinet are unlike most sub bass products on the market, specifically designed to be built into ceiling cavities, wall voids, behind kick boards and within joinery and furniture, to quite literally make them disappear. A simple, discrete, small port hole is all that is required to vent into the room space to reproduce powerful low frequency sound energy.


Amina produce a range of back-box accessories to allow fast mounting and installation of all its invisible speakers within stud walls, ceilings and solid block wall construction types. The BackboxCV also reduces the amount of rearward sound travelling backward into the wall and ceiling. Full fire barrier specification back-boxes are also available on request.


Amina Technologies Ltd. from the UK, totally invisible full range loudspeaker system designed for use in high end commercial and residential installations across the world, where wide and even sound coverage is required. Whilst been installed into solid /plasterboard walls or ceilings and plastered over with 2mm skim coat, it can also be installed within wood panels, cabinetry and furniture.
Ideal for background music for high-end brand stores, showrooms, boardrooms, hotels, restaurants etc. And where it`s principle application is for sophisticated residential homes and multi-dwelling units (MDU’s) in home entertainment, home cinema and ‘every room’ audio and video systems.




Designed and developed in Sweden, the Jbn Sound Ceiling® is a revolutionary modular based speaker system that is installed in or suspended from the ceiling, just above the dance floor or a similar location where music is required to be directed. The size of the venue and dance floor is calculated to determine the number of modules required over a given area. The system utilises ‘Plane Wave’ technology to achieve astounding reductions in sound propagation and bass frequency transference in entertainment venues.




Leapsonic develops and markets innovative audio devices that produce high quality sound without visual impact or design compromise in many applications where traditional speakers cannot be used.
Filling a space with well designed and Leapsonic-delivered sound is proven to improve business results and increase productivity.